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Hockey Thoughts As The Season Approaches


from Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet, - Justin Faulk politely declined an interview request last weekend, but agent Brian Bartlett made it clear his client “has not demanded a trade and does not want to be traded. He’s like any other player in the league right now, focusing on his team. Ninety-nine per cent of the time, these don’t get out into the public. Unfortunately, this one did.” Bartlett hesitated to call the Anaheim trade completely dead — “you never know what can happen” — but it sure looks that way. He would not comment on negotiations with either the Ducks or Hurricanes. But there haven’t been extension talks in Carolina for some time, and it is believed the ask from the Ducks was in the $6.75-million range. - Another idea that was thrown around during negotiations was a kind of “fake cap” on escrow. The league would create a pool, and if escrow creeped over a certain figure (7.5 per cent?) money from that pool would go to reimburse the players. (That’s similar to the transfer payments the league included in the 2013 settlement.) If the money doesn’t get used, it would go to the Emergency Assistance Fund, or something like that. Don’t know if that’s the eventual solution, but it was on the table. - One scout who watched the Flyers’ prospects a couple of times: “My goodness, Philadelphia is loaded.” The most important of those prospects is Carter Hart, who solidified Philadelphia’s net during an unbelievable season of injury and misfortune. At the NHL/NHLPA media event in Chicago, Sean Couturier talked about how much of a difference a full-season of Hart can make. “It was tough never knowing who was going to be the next goalie,” he said. “Guys were falling down like flies, but we found a way to stay focussed and make a push towards the end.” more


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